The key features of EasyConf are:

  1. Usage of easy to remember conventions to simplify configuring applications
  2. Component based configuration (for example for portlets and portals
  3. Support for multiple environments (development, integration, preproduction, production, etc)

Complete list of features:

  1. Two file formats supported:
    1. Properties configuration
    2. User-defined XML configuration
  2. Support for reloading of configuration (in progress)
  3. Features of properties configuration:
    1. Variables support
    2. Typed properties (automatic conversion to numbers, lists, boolean, etc)
    3. Support for include clauses
    4. Properties with 'selectors'
  4. Features of XML configuration:
    1. Converts XML configuration to JavaBeans
    2. All XML vocabularies supported
    3. The XML format is described using digester rules

For more information about this features check the Javadoc summary of EasyConf