Changes in version 0.9.0

Note: version 0.9.0 has not been released yet, but this changes are already present in version 0.9.0rc2

  • Added support for applications for Application Service Providers (ASP): A single running applications can service several companies/organizations and each may have its own configuration of the application

  • Added support for properties of type list of classes: to get its value use the method getClassesArray of ComponentConfiguration

  • Improved support for converting properties to other objects: For example now it can be converted to a DataConfiguration to support properties of the following types: color, URL, locale, Calendar and lists and array of any of these types

  • Added preliminary support for retrieving properties from JNDI and a database (through a Datasource). This support is still under testing to fine tune cache issues.

  • Migrated to Jakarta Commons Configuration 1.1: which has made possible some of the above improvements

  • Added minimal JMX-support for managing a component's properties through a MBean.

  • API changes:

    • The class ConfReader was renamed as EasyConf. Because of this change this release is not binary compatible with previous version. You should change it in your source code and recompile.
    • Changed the way to obtain a subset of the properties of type java.util.Properties Previously the getProperties(String key) method of ComponentProperties was used. Now this method no longer exists, but the functionality is still available. First obtain a subset of the properties using the method subset(key). And then convert the subset to java.util.Properties using the getProperties() method.

Older versions

Version 0.8.0

This is the first version which incorporates additions and changes based on feedback from the users. The most relevant changes are:

  • Convention changes:

    • New format to represent property selectors. Now instead of property:selector1.selector2 you should write property[selector1][selector2]. The old convention was considered confusing for some users and didn't make so clear that selectors are optional. For more information check the section on filters of the user manual.
  • Improved support for system properties. Now system properties can have the name of the component which contain the property as a prefix if its intent is to override its value. If the prefix is not used the system property will only be considered if the name is not the same as one of an existing property. For more information check the section on system properties of the user manual.
  • A new taglib to access the configuration object from JSPs. For more information check the section on J2EE taglibs of the user manual.
  • Included the taglib tld in easyconf.jar (inside the tld directory). Now this tld is generated using xdoclet
  • Conversion of the properties of a component configuration to a DynaBean object
  • Much more documentation
  • Bug fixes:

    • The base properties file was mandatory if when reading the configuration object
    • BUG 1152885: Exception not thrown when base file is missing

Version 0.7.0

  • First public release under the Apache License
  • Support for filters
  • Support for system properties
  • Improved support for multiple environments