What is EasyConf?

EasyConf is a library to access configuration of software components and applications. It defines simple conventions to make it easier to use. It was born in a portlets-based portal and has several features useful for this and similar environments.

EasyConf aims to make easy the development of highly configurable Java applications. You can start with a very simple scheme and when you need it you'll be able to add powerful functionality such as XML files, support for several environments or aggregation of componentes.


EasyConf is stable and production ready. It is being used in several production environments without any known bugs. EasyConf is based on several external libraries which are also stable.

  • Latest stable version: 0.9.0
  • Latest devel version: none

Version number has not reached 1.0 yet because we are currently waiting for feedback from the community about the conventions used. Based on this feedback some of the current conventions may change. Should that happen, we will clearly document any changes needed when updating.

Main features

The key features of EasyConf are:

  1. Support for XML files, typed property files (including lists, numbers, classes, etc), or a combination of both
  2. Support for multiple environments (development, integration, preproduction, production, etc)
  3. Support for applications which aggregate several components: for example for portlets and portals
  4. Support for ASP applications: each company/organization serviced by the Application Service Provider my have its own configuration (since v0.9)
  5. Provides access to the configuration using JMX (since v0.9)
  6. Well documented!
  7. Easy to remember conventions instead of configuration to simplify usage